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Compass Group INC in Amelia Island

Phoscrete Corporation in Boca Raton

Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure INC in Boca Raton

Cape Design Engineering Co. in Cape Canaveral

Full Sail Builders Inc in Casselberry

Cardinal Door And Hardware INC in Clearwater

Dominion Builders LLC in Coral Gables

SCR Mechanical LLC in Coral Gables

Kingspan Insulated Panels INC in Deland

Lambert Bros. INC in Fort Lauderdale

Engel Construction INC in Fort Lauderdale

Mike Bridwell Home Repair INC in Fort Walton Beach

Design Build Systems Inc in Fort Walton Beach

Williams Electric Co Inc in Fort Walton Beach

M.p.h. Industries INC in Gainesville

Joyner Construction Inc in Gainesville

West Florida Enterprises INC in Graceville

Mora United LLC in Homestead

PQH Group INC in Jacksonville

Timus INC in Jacksonville

Waddington & Son Electric Co in Jacksonville

Sauer Incorporated in Jacksonville

RAY Ware Hardware INC in Jacksonville

L.d.p. Quality Construction INC in Jacksonville

Moffitt Corporation INC in Jacksonville Beach

Green Building Construction Corp. in Jupiter

West Construction INC in Lake Worth

Orlando Sanford Airport Southeast Ramp Hanga in Maitland

HDJ Security INC in Marianna

GOT Wood INC in Melbourne

Paradise Awnings Corporation in Miami

Summit Electric Corp in Miami

Capitol Rental Building Equipment INC in Miami

Moran General Contractor Inc in Miami

Miami Air Mechanical INC in Miami

Speegle Construction INC in Niceville

Trintec Construction Inc in Opa Locka

H.j. High Construction Company in Orlando

Apex Metal Fabrication INC in Palatka

A E New Jr Inc in Pensacola

Webb Electric Company Of Florida INC in Pensacola

Bayside Structures LLC in Pensacola

Auxilio Engineering LLC in Ponte Vedra Beach

Trident Construction INC in Santa Rosa Beach

Sesolinc Grp INC in Stuart

Simplerbuilt INC in Tallahassee

Archer Western Construction LLC in Tampa

Biosphere International INC in Tampa

Sierra Paul J. Construction INC in Tampa

Coastal City Solutions LLC in Tampa

Anatom Construction Company in Wellington

Mitchell Construction And Remodeling Inc in Winter Haven

H.l. Pruitt Corp. in Winter Springs

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