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THE Crowe Group Inc in Abilene

Berry Fred in Amarillo

Double Bit Inc in Athens

River City Engineering LTD in Austin

Charles N. White Construction Company in Austin

Hyde Construction Inc in Austin

Bollgen Joerg in Bedford

E.g. Sierra LLC in Belton

Zayven Construction LLC in Burleson

Aquatech Septic & Underground LLC in Canutillo

Cubit Contracting LLC in Corpus Christi

GCC Mccarthy Joint Venture Iv in Dallas

Triune-Beck Joint Venture V in Dallas

John A. Arnold INC in Dallas

Babtex INC in Dallas

H P S Audio And Video L L C in El Paso

D & H Pump Service INC in El Paso

Tjarnel Inc in El Paso

Tyson Building Corporation in Fort Worth

AKG Services LLC in Fort Worth

G4S Integrated Construction Services INC in Fort Worth

Mobile Enterprises INC in Fort Worth

J. W. Kelso Company INC in Galveston

All-Tex Environmental Inc in Gatesville

N Sync Services INC in Grand Prairie

Boyd Construction Services LLC in Grandview

Circle Industries Inc in Harlingen

Blackmonmooring Of Houston Inc in Houston

Power Green Design Group LLC in Houston

O. S. Interior Systems INC in Houston

ABM Security Services INC in Houston

TLC Engineering INC in Houston

RKJ Construction INC in Lampasas

Merlin Mann Investments LLC in Laredo

Baseline Paving & Constr. INC in Magnolia

BWI Companies INC in Nash

Chase-Preston Management Group LLC in Plano

Templeton Construction Co. in San Angelo

AMG - S&p A Joint Venture in San Antonio

CD Business Group in San Antonio

Industrial Systems INC in San Antonio

Arevalos Trade Company in San Antonio

American Christian Turnkey Services INC in San Antonio

Rsi-Global Communications Group LLC in San Antonio

Navarro Roofing in San Antonio

K-Air Corporation in San Antonio

Journeyman Construction INC in San Antonio

Omega Flooring INC in San Antonio

Chapman Bros. INC in Schertz

2pswansons Service LLC in Simms

Tanglewood Medical Supplies INC in Stephenville

J R Pope & Company in Texarkana

Four Thirteen Incorporated in Texarkana

Swanson Realty LTD in Waco

Walkcon LTD. in Weatherford

Robert Lloyd Electric Co. in Wichita Falls

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